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Research Interests

Melanie Gau’s academic interests are determined by language (philologies and work with “text” in the broadest sense) as well as science and technology transfer.
For many years she has worked at the interface between the humanities/arts and computer sciences, especially in the fields of computer linguistics, digital humanities, archaeology, multi-spectral imaging, and palaeoslavic studies. Her interdisciplinary profile today also comprises of medical research with Flow Cytometry (FCM) on ALL/AML, Active and Assisted Living (AAL), and other applied image processing (see projects below).

Also, she is project manager for projects on municipal, national, and international level (incl. grant funding application) and responsible for event management along with public relations and training & dissemination activities.

Education & Postitions

1997-2005 Master of Arts (M.A.) in Eastern Slavonic Philology, English Philology & Political Sciences, Regensburg University. Thesis title: The State of Historical Corpus Linguistics, with Special Focus on the Russian Language (Supervisor: Björn Hansen)
1998 Cambridge University, UK, 6 months
2001-2002 Moscow State University (imeni Lomonosova), Russia, 1 year
2007-2010 Research Assistant at the Institute of Slavic Studies, Vienna University
2011-2014 Research Assistant at the Computer Vision Lab, Vienna University of Technology (TUW)
2011- CogVis Software und Consulting GmbH
2011 Laboratory of Computer-Aided Philological Research/Udmurtian State University (V.A. Baranov), Russia, 2 months
2014- Research Assistant and Project Management at CVL/TUW
2015-2016 Marie Curie Fellow at Infokom GmbH (project AutoFLOW), Neubrandenburg, Germany, 6 months


2005-2007 Regensburg RRuDi corpus initiative for the development of a richly annotated corpus of Old and Middle Russian Texts
2006 Intercultural Training, Consulting, and Organisation for OstWestKonzept
2007-2010 The Sinaitic Glagolitic Sacramentary Fragments
2009- Textual Database Portal Manuskript (V.A. Baranov): Electronic Edition of the Psalterium Demetrii Sinaitici
2011-2013 The Enigma of the Sinaitic Glagolitic Tradition
2011-2014 fearless: Fear Elimination As Resolution for Loosing Elderly’s Substantial Sorrows
2014-2017 wellbeing: Optimizing the Workplace of ELderly Laborers: BE IN Good health!
2014-2018 AutoFLOW: Automation of Flow Cytometric Analysis for Quality-Assured Fol-low-up Assessment to Guide Curative Therapy for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in Children
2015-2018 FlowCLUSTER: Automated MRD-Assessment in AML
2015-2017 FORMS: FORensic Marks Search
2015-2017 EnterTrain
2016-2018 MIC-Cam: Mite Invasion Control Camera

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